Picture the Music

Picture the Music - What can different types of music make you imagine?[tweetmeme]about a week ago we had a very interesting meeting with the creators of Picture the Music who gave us a demo. In their words: “Picture the Music Create is a multi sensory teaching tool that motivates and inspires creativity”. The method and supporting tool is currently used primarily with children and teachers in schools, and seeks to get children to be creative.

Having experienced a taster of what the method offers, it’s not hard to see why children would enjoy it and get inspired. Personally, I found it enlightening. I know music changes the mood of things, just think of the music in horror movies or any movie really, but sometimes it takes someone else to point out the obvious before you realise the power of it.

I was amazed by how different types of music created different stories in my head, even though the image I was looking at and the situation around me stayed the same.

While the method and tool is presently aimed at children, it may be useful in higher education and/or in business – with some adaptation. In fact, my colleague Clive and I was so inspired that we’re hoping to get them to run a workshop here at the university with academic staff.

How well it will be received remains to be seen. At the very least it should be a playful escape from the daily grind and a chance for staff to explore their imagination. And maybe we can see a use for it for our students. Who knows? I’m excited to find out – so watch this space.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.  – Could your colleagues do with exploring their creative side?

Author: Kristine Pitts