How Can Businesses and Universities Solve Business Problems More Effectively?

People collaborating around a tableThere are ways that businesses and universities communicate and collaborate.  Yet, perhaps we should ask ourselves:

  • Are our current approaches fit for the future?
  • Will they meet the needs of 21st century businesses?
  • How can we innovate the business-university interfaces to solve the challenges that entrepreneurs face?

New approaches would help universities and businesses.

Universities would be able to make their research, consultancy and enterprise activities more useful to today’s businesses. Universities could reinvent themselves and develop totally new capabilities that will help drive business growth.

Businesses would benefit from knowing they could turn to academics who understand their needs and offer services that will help solve the challenges they face. Improved collaborations between business and universities could improve revenues, reduce costs, add new capabilities to existing companies or create more start ups.

We’d really like to know your ideas:

How can businesses and universities solve business problems more effectively ?

Join our workshop at the Digital Shoreditch Festival on Tuesday 21st May to innovate how businesses and universities can work together to solve businesses challenges. It will be an enjoyable, interactive experience and you’ll be helping universities and businesses achieve more. There’s more information here.

If you can’t wait to tell us your ideas, or if you can’t join us in London on the 21st, you can join in the discussion online by posting a reply. We’d like to know your ideas.

 Dr Sara Jones, Dr Stephen Clulow