We’re Back!

After a what has seemed like a very long summer break, we are back and have been joined by a new cohort of MICLers.

During the break, I read ‘The Shift’ by Lynda Gratton and I consider my fellow MICLers and staff to be what Lynda refers to as my Big Ideas Crowd.  I expect that some will become my Posse – my small circle of trusted people who will be there for me in the future as a sounding board.

We’re an eclectic bunch and boy do we create a Hotspot…




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Currently studying on the new Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (MICL) at City University London. Co-Founder and Operating Partner at Per Diem innovation and creativity consultancy. BA Hons Drama and English; Dipl Arts Administration. Trained Synectics facilitator of creativity. 20 plus years in marketing communications, performance improvement and business coaching and arts and corporate sector.