Looking back at 2010

Every once in a while it seems appropriate to look back and take stock of everything that has been achieved in the year that has passed. I thought I’d share a few of your successes with you. (and of course a few shameless plugs)

The MICL – Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership

Undoubtedly our biggest success of 2010 was The MICL – a new Masters course offering a unique interdisciplinary approach designed to give innovation leaders all the skills to turn ideas into action. The culmination of over 2 years of planning and collaborative efforts of five of City’s schools, The MICL (known as ‘the michael’), officially welcomed its first cohort on the 17th September 2010.

Applications for starting September 2011 are now welcome. See: http://creativity.city.ac.uk/master/overview.html for more.

Seminar series

We launched a seminar series that focus on innovation, creativity and leadership. The speakers have included: a futurologist; an innovation director; two innovation consultants; an specialist in games for creative thinking; a professor of management; two successful young creative entrepreneurs; a professor of interdisciplinary design; a film screen writer; a pervasive interaction specialist; a behaviour change consultant; and a TRIZ specialist.

Who will we have this year? Keep an eye on: http://creativity.city.ac.uk/events_page.html. Or send an email to: creativity@city.ac.uk to join our mailing list.


Fiona Patterson, one of our founding partners, and Maire Kerrin, module leader on The MICL, published an impressive research report carried out for NESTA and the Chartered Institute of Management. Titled ‘Everyday Innovation: How to enhance innovative working in employees and organisations’, the study focuses upon the critical role employee characteristics and behaviours play in innovative working and reveals the key organisational factors that enable or inhibit innovation. Most importantly, we present the practical implications regarding how to best facilitate innovative working and promote innovation in organisations.

You can see more details on http://creativity.city.ac.uk/everydayinnovation.html where you can also find a link to download the report from NESTA’s archives.

Also, the Centre is a lead partner of the EU-funded FP7 MIRROR Integrated Project, total value €6,450,000, centre funding €529,932. Neil Maiden and Sara Jones, founding partners, are leading a work package researching tools to support creative problem solving and reflective learning. Support for reflective learning in care homes has led to a strategic alliance with the School of Community and Health Sciences.


We worked both with external commercial organisations and departments within City. We’re provided a variety of services including tailored executive training courses, facilitating creative workshops and sessions, as well as supporting departments in developing strategy, culture change and organisational change. Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you?

Conference Host

Ahmed Kovacevic, centre partner, and his colleagues in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences won the bid to host the E&PDE’21011 Conference at City in September 2011. Conference themes are creativity and innovation in education. See: http://creativity.city.ac.uk/events_page.html#EPDE for more.

Launching the RCCIL

City University London launched the RCCIL – an independent database of research on London’s cultural & creative industries. It aims to make research more accessible to policy-makers, academics & service-providers. We here at the Centre is very proud to support the work of Prof. Howard Tumber and his team in the School of Arts.

It’s been quite a year for us, and 2011 is shaping up to be full of new challenges, collaborations and events. And we promise to keep you posted.

Author: Kristine Pitts


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